One of the most important parameters that determine the level of development of countries and the happiness of their citizens is the quality of health services offered to the public and the ease of access of citizens to these services. Our country has made considerable progress in the provision of health services through both public and private hospitals in recent years and has become one of the most important countries in the world, especially in terms of service quality and reliability.
As a family of private 19 May Hospital, we have been a member of this network of sacred services since our establishment in 1998 and are proud to serve our people and our patients from other countries of the world. In addition, being the hospital that opened the way for Social Security Institution patients to be admitted to private hospitals in our country and made the first agreement with pension fund Institution in 1998 is another source of happiness.
May 29 May after serving for ten years under the name of Ankara Hospital, our hospital was opened in 1998 by the religious foundation of Turkey (TDV) and transferred to DNT May 19 Health Education Aş in 1999. Since this date, it continues its service under the name of private 19 Mayıs Hospital in Dikmen District of Çankaya district of Ankara province.
More than twenty years experience in scientific, ethical, patient and a physician who can empathize with the staff, friendly and helpful staff and our hospital, district hospital that can accept patients from a reference center in Ankara province, it has become beyond our capacity with reference to a patient is confronted;
20% of our annual number of patients over 100000 are from outside the borders of our district and 5% are from outside Ankara.
Our hospital ranks first among private hospitals with its 23% cesarean (primary caesarean) birth rate in the first births as a result of the education studies that encourage normal births in line with the policies of the Ministry of Health. According to Ministry records, this rate is 63% on average for private hospitals. In our hospital, which has the title of” Baby Friendly Hospital”, more than 600 births are given annually.
Health tourism is leading the way in Ankara, Ministry of Health recently published statistics in terms of the number of patients our hospital serves within the scope of health tourism in Ankara 1. 7 in the All-Turkey rankings. Are in order. In 2019, thousands of patients from 77 different countries of the world have been served in our hospital.
Our goal as the management of 19 May Hospital is to be the first hospital that will come to mind when not only a certain community but all our people, far or near, seek a quality and reliable health service. We are grateful for this countenance of our patients, which gives us strength and excitement as if we are always starting over. In order to serve in a more beautiful and spacious space they are worthy of, our new hospital works are also underway. Your health is our happiness.
Kindest regards…
Op.Dr. Suleyman Gokduman